Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How To Get PAID to Shop

What If I told you that you could get cash back just from shopping like you normally do? This isn't a scam, there's no gimmicks, you legit get CASH back. I've been trying to figure out how to write this post without sounding like I'm trying to sell you something, because that's totally not what I'm trying to do. I really just want to get the word out, because, who doesn't love extra money?

Think of it like an affiliate link.. but YOU get the profits. AND right now, for using my link, Ebates will give you $10 to shop online. That $20 gift for Christmas is now only $10 to you!

I've been using ebates anytime I shop for the last few years. I understand it, I know how it works and how beneficial it is for my family.  So I wanted to explain everything so that it's easy to understand and helpful for those who might think it's too complicated. It's really not and that's what I am here for! 

You can either use it when you shop online, or they also have IN-Store shopping option. 
Ebates doesn't cost you a thing. There's no signup costs, no fees or forms to fill out, no complicated tasks to complete before purchase. You just shop like you normally do but link up your cards to the stores you are shopping at.  Each store has a different cashback option. These options change overtime and depending on how competitive the stores want to be. Sometimes they go up to 40%!  I know when I am shopping for Christmas gifts, I tend to favor certain stores because of how much cash back I can get. So obviously their tactics are working, at least for me. A few bucks here and there add up pretty quickly.  My last check I received was $127.53, and I don't even shop THAT much. So just think how much you could be getting.

Notice on the second image above, the "link offer."
I link my credit and debit cards so that when I shop in store, I get the credit. All you do is click "link offer" and link your cards. It's that easy!

I know you might be thinking, how does it work?
Ebates is basically like getting a "rebate" back for the stores you shop in.
In return for sending the websites and stores traffic and paying customers, the companies give Ebates a commission. That's how you get cash back. 

What does Ebates offer?
You can either use Ebates online or download their app. I recommend the app, beccause you can use it on the go and find out which stores have what % back while on the go.  I also like to link my cards to the particular store I know I will be shopping in that day.  Don't forget to link your card!
**TIP: If you shop at let's say KOHLS and link your card, you will need to re-link your card to shop there again to receive an additional cash back.
  • In-store cashback: If you add your credit or debit card to Ebates’ system and link your account in the settings menu, Ebates will be notified when you shop in their partner stores and pay with the card. Then, you receive the rewards just as you would online.
  • Online cashback: Once you have an Ebates account, simply enter the store of your choice from, and your purchases will contribute to your cashback amount.
  • Double cashback: As its name implies, this features provides members with double the cashback reward on purchases. The list of participating stores varies, and updates to the list are reflected on the Ebates app and website.
  • Travel and Vacation: Ebates curates an ever-changing alphabetized list of flights, hotels, cars, and rentals with cash-back opportunities. They even have Lyft as one of their partners. You can also input your travel dates and locations for specialized deals.
  • BOGO: With this tool, Ebates features buy-one-get-one promotions currently running at its partner sites, scoping out the best deals for you and allowing you to get cashback at once. It’s a double deal!
  • Gift Cards: This is another simple way to earn with Ebates. Next time Christmas or a loved one’s birthday rolls around, consider purchasing your gift cards through Ebates. Some partners on the site offer as much as 10% cashback on offers!

Here is a short video below of my Ebates app on my phone. As you can see I am scrolling the Shop online option, and then I switch to the In-store option. See how many stores are available? I bet you see a lot that you already shop at. Listed next to each store you will see a percentage back. That's how much you get back for shopping. 

*With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a multitude of credible retail partners, Ebates is a safe and reliable way to make the most of your purchases.

Let me know if you sign up, I would be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.  I am here to help! I LOVE using ebates on my shopping trips, especially during the Holidays! That's when they have the best % back and that's when I get more $$ back. 


  1. Oh how I love Ebates! I also use Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping which is the same thing except points towards future flights. SO amazing especially for Christmas shopping <3
    Green Fashionista