Thursday, February 7, 2019

The 5 BEST Teething Solutions

It's tough watching your little one in pain while your little one is teething. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to ease your sweet child and keeping them as comfortable as you can. After going through the teething phase, I feel like I got a pretty good grasp on it now. So I wanted to share a list of what I found to be the BEST solutions to ease your little one while they are going through teething. 

  Signs your little one is teething:
  • Excessive drooling
  • Irritability or extra cranky/fussy
  • Chewing on objects more so than usual
  • Sore or tender gums
  • Diaper rash
  • Low grade fever
Teething Solutions: 

1. Cooling.
  •  I like to wet a few washcloths and stick them in the freezer. That way when my sweetie pie is going through a teething phase, I can pull it out and let her knaw on it. The cooling feels great on their gums and I notice she tends to calm down once she has a cold washcloth to chew on.
  • Another tip is to keep some teething rings in the fridge. These are great for your little one so gnaw on because the cold helps soothe while they apply pressure to their gums on their own. I love these ones.
  •  Popsicle's. I like to make my own fruit popsicles for a nice snack as well as a great teething solution.  She loves to suck the juices off and it keeps her feeling content while enjoying a nice and healthy snack.
  • Chilled Cucumbers. I notice my little one loves anything cold, so a cold cucumber was the first thing I thought of once she started teething. I've tried them cut in circles as well as in sticks. I try to cut off the peel as that is harder for them to bite into. Just keep a close watch so they don't choke on any broken pieces.
  •  Watermelon. I like to cut up some watermelon and let my girl go to town. She loves the taste and the coolness soothes her. It is a little more messy and sticky, but hey, as a mom-you do whatcha gotta do, right?

2. Camilia.  I swear by this product. I just give her one of the packets, and she instantly calms down within a minute. She now knows when I pull the packet out and will open her mouth for me. I don't even have to force it. I guess it tastes good. That or she just knows it helps her. 

When she's really miserable, I will give her one before bed and it helps her sleep better. They sell it at Mother's and some baby stores, but they also sell it on Amazon and I've noticed it to be a few dollars cheaper on Amazon. So I tend to stock up so I don't run out. These have been a life saver.

3. Baby Tooth brush.  My little girl LOVES her toothbrush. So I try to keep it available for her in arms reach that way she can grab it whenever she wants it. It also helps clean her teeth while providing her some relief on her painful gums. I love these ones because they have a little stopper so it prevents them from shoving it down their throat.  I also love the baby banana. It's easy for her to hold onto and has a few different parts for her to chew on.

She also loves her Matchstick monkey teether. It's soft and gentle on her gums and dishwasher safe. It's easy for her to grip and I can clip on a ring to attach to her stroller. It is a little more on the pricey side, but it's one of her favorites! So it was a great buy for us!

4. WINK Teething Gel. I know I've mentioned this stuff before, but it's because it's SO great! I mean what's not to love about an all natural product that's perfect for all ages? You can even use this stuff on your kids with braces to soothe their sore mouth. It has a cool mint feel so it instantly soothes once it's rubbed on the gums. It also tastes pretty darn good too. It's $11.97 on Amazon, or you can get it on WINKs website, 2 pack for $17.99.

Also, helpful tip: You can get 15% off your order on WINKs website if you subscribe. (Cancel anytime!) So that 2 pack that was $17.99 will be around $15 and you get FREE shipping. If you don't want the 2 teething gels, find a friend and split the order with them!

5. Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeders. I LOVE these. I like to put ice cubes in the mesh for car rides. It tends to keep her satisfied and feels great on her gums. She loves them! You can also add fruit in them and it helps prevent them from choking. 

Teething is one of those exciting yet frustrating milestones that every baby and parent relationship go through. I hope these solutions help you and your baby have happier pain-free days. All of the above are my truthful and honest reviews. We've tried each and every one of these methods and they all work great for us.

Have you tried any of these teething solution? Which one is your favorite? Please tell me below if there are any other solutions that you know of. I'd love to hear!