Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Evolur Voyager Stroller Review

My husband and I are frequent travelers, and if you've been following me for a while then you know it's mostly Baseball related. We travel to my brother in laws games quite often during baseball season. Now that we have our little bundle of joy, we needed a good travel stroller that was lightweight enough to travel with while also being easy to maneuver through an airport. We used to take our large stroller with us, and while it's a great sturdy stroller with a lot of room for storage, it is more bulky and wasn't the easiest to fold up and take with us.

I've been lucky enough to work with Evolur on numerous occasions after meeting them at a Baby Show in 2017. I initially fell in love with their furniture and ended up purchasing the Windsor Adora curved top crib, dresser and changing topper but what stood out to me the most was their customer service. I was offered the opportunity to test out their Voyager Stroller and couldn't say, "Yes" fast enough. I already love their furniture products, how could I not love their new stroller?



Opening the box

When the delivery arrived, I was surprised at how small the box was. I remember thinking, "There is No way a stroller fits in here." Much to my surprise, the stroller was folded up super small and perfectly packaged. I thought I was going to have to assemble it like the rest of our baby gear. Thankfully, I was wrong. This was the easiest item to open and it was already assembled.

My Favorite Features

What mom ever has two hands available to fold a stroller? This stroller has a One-hand quick-fold design. Having this feature is a huge bonus, especially when you're hands are full with a baby. It has an easy to use button located right on the handlebar and folds super compact which is essential for travel. It an fit anywhere! I even used it in the overhead bin on an airplane. I also love that it stands upright when folded, instead of falling to the floor. Which makes it easy to set down if needed without having to reach all the way to the floor.

I also love that it is lightweight weighing less than 12 lbs. The Voyager stroller comes with a detachable Bumper Guard/Toting Handle which my little girl loves to hold onto while going for a stroll. When you fold the stroller, you can use this handle for easy, comfortable carrying.

The stroller comes in two colors. I chose the grey as it is very gender neutral and we don't know what our next baby will be-when that time comes.

The bottom storage compartment is large enough to carry snacks, drinks, toys, and any other goodies you don't want to keep in your diaper bag.

So far I have used this stroller on our daily walks as well as at the airport. Let me tell you, people through airport security were AMAZED at how small the stroller folded to go through screening. Needless to say, this is THE stroller for you if you are a frequent traveler. What's not to love about a sturdy stroller that folds up this small with ease?

Why You Need This Stroller

-Perfect for travel

-Lightweight and Compact

-Easy to carry

-Easy to manuever

-Easy to Open up & fold down


This stroller would be a great item to gift for a Baby Shower. Every mom needs a lightweight travel stroller that's easy to use and lightweight yet sturdy. Those are hard to come by (and I've tested and shopped around for strollers often. I love finding THE best and easiest to use.) This stroller is hands down my favorite travel stroller.

What is YOUR favorite feature of the Voyager Stroller?