Thursday, July 19, 2018

5 Tips On How To Live In The Now For Busy Moms

Hi Everyone! As you know I am on a few week vacation with my husband and our sweet little girl. I am having Kristle from Mama’s Way take over the blog for today. Take it away Kristle!

Hi, I’m Kristle Neeson, 24 years old, a wife to an amazing husband and a first-time mum to a beautiful baby girl. I reside in Auckland, New Zealand with my little family. I run a Motherhood blog called Mama’s Way where I write about my experiences, learnings and struggles as a first-time mum. I wanted to be able to create this online space for Mums alike to form a community and so other mums don’t feel alone in what they are going through. When I’m not blogging, I’m studying towards my certification as a Health coach, watching movies, baking, and spending quality time with my family. I hope to see you join the Mama’s Way Journey!

Raise your hand if you’re like me, who loves to multi-task and tries to fit in as much as she can in the day?

Raise your hand if you plan...way ahead that you’re probably day dreaming by now?

Raise your hand if you’re so engrossed in emails, to do lists and errands!

Raise your hand if your mind is just constantly on the go?

I hear you!

We get so caught up in this fast-paced life we are living in that we tend to forget about the present moment.

We can forget about what is the most important in the now.

We can forget about what is in front of us.

We can forget about the special moments we could be experiencing if we only stopped to pay attention.

Life can get the better of us but is it truly worth it?

Wouldn’t life be a lot more meaningful if we are able to live in the now, the present moment and savor these beautiful events right in front of us?

As a mum, I have come to value the importance of being present in the now especially for my daughter. I spend so much time with her but often, I catch myself thinking about tomorrow, worrying about my endless to-do lists, scheduling this event here and there, checking my email and spending excessive amounts on my devices!

It’s like I’m here with her but at the same time I’m not and my fear in this is that I miss out on amazing memories with her and that she will miss out on having a fully present mother to connect with.
So where can we start to unplug from the busyness of life and live in the now?

1. Block out time on your calendar for when to check emails, social media and being on your devices
- whether this be and hour or two in the morning, afternoon or evening. Stick to your scheduled time. Learn to stop once that time is up and let go of what you couldn’t finish in that time and reschedule it for another time. (Of course, unless it is really and truly urgent)

2. Find a spot where you feel the most relaxed and at peace with yourself
- whether this be in your room, outside in your garden, in your church, in the park, by the beach. Wherever it may be, go to that place every so often to clear your mind and just breathe. Let your worries, stresses and anxiousness about life leave you for that moment and appreciate what you’re are seeing, feeling and just embrace it. 

3. When it comes to family time, leave your devices behind
- show your family that they are the focus in this time. Don’t let that email or social media notification get in the way of you enjoying this time. Focus on your spouse, your children. Watch your beautiful family connect and bond together. Create fun and loving memories.

4. Stop thinking about tomorrow
- I know this can be hard because I myself struggle with this but as much as possible, focus on the happenings of today. Focus on your tasks for today and not tasks for tomorrow. Focus on the people you meet today. Focus on what you’re going through today. Don’t let tomorrow get in the way of today.

5. Be wise scheduling your day
- Don’t out do yourself by scheduling abundant activities in one day. To be able to appreciate your day so much more, only schedule what you can handle and cope with. Focus on those activities and trust me you will enjoy them more. 

Mamas, I know we can be great multi-taskers, but I truly believe that to be able to enjoy ourselves, our families, our babies and value our time more, we must learn to disconnect to reconnect.
Live in the now. Be there for your families and watch them grow without the worries of tomorrow. 

I'd love to hear your tips on how YOU live in the now. Sound off in the comments. 

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