Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Favorites #1 Week of 6/22

Happy Friday! I've survived my first week of my new blog! That's something to celebrate, right? I've also met and connected with several other mommy bloggers which is pretty awesome! We're all in this together so all the support is amazing! 

I've been following the Life in Leggings blog for sometime now and on Friday she has a linkup called Friday Favorites.  (Also joining Anna's linkup!) I love linkups, because it's a great way to connect and meet other bloggers.

Today I will be sharing my 5 Friday favorites.

[1] This week I bought Kenzie this little Pat and Play Watermat to use on the ground or her high chair while I prepare her meals. It keeps her entertained and the best part? It's $5.99. 

[2] This weekends Agenda-Heading to the River. Since this will be Kenzie's first river trip, I wanted to make sure to be prepared. I will be taking her long sleeve rash guard shirt to better protect her from the sun. I also purchased her some baby sunnies that have an adjustable neoprene strap. I wanted something that will stay on her while on the boat, while also protecting her eyes from the sun. The best part about these is they can bend without breaking. That was a huge buying point for me. Since babies like to play and drop everything, I wanted to make sure I had something sturdy but something that will also last us. They are also SUPER cute and stylish. I want a pair for myself!
[3] The husband and I have been needing a new cooler. We've been looking, researching and comparing all types. From YETI to RTIC to OZARK to L. We were surprised that most stores we went to already sold out, and we wanted to look at them in person rather than just online.  We ended up loving the Lifetime 55 Quart cooler. We don't care pay extra for a "brand name" like YETI to get virtually the SAME cooler. (if not better) I'd rather put the extra money away in a savings account for my daughter. And honestly, it's a cooler people.. I really could care less what it looks like. No one is going to say, "Sick cooler bro!"
Anyways, get your coolers now, they are already selling out fast at Walmart. (and it was cheaper to purchase in store than online... weird, right?)

What also sold me on this cooler was this really awesome bear posed for a photo with the cooler. Totally kidding. kinda.

[4] Although my sweet girl cannot read yet, she still gets excited when I pull a book out. It's never too early to get your little one started with books. Her favorites are the ones with touchy-feely animals and anything with flaps. This one from Usborne is her absolute favorite right now.

[5] Currently watching: The Bold Type. I don't have much time to watch TV these days, however, I still get to record some shows and when I finally get to watch them it's pretty awesome because then I can watch like 3 episodes at once!  Which is pretty awesome.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I am heading to the river with the family! I cannot wait to soak up some sunshine!

What are your weekend plans? What is your current favorite TV show?


  1. Ahhh the baby sunglasses are so cute! I can't wait until next summer when I can find some for my little one.
    I'm obsessed with The Bold Type too! I want to be their friend.
    Have fun at the river!

    1. I know!!! I JUST found some that I can match her with! Hoping to get them soon!
      I can't wait for your little one to be here and see all the updates!

      OH girl, me too! The bold type is my fav! I want to be their friends!